• Mark Wahlberg has Infinite lives in a blockbuster without enough soul

    2 days ago - By Up Worthy

    Marky Mark's reincarnation action movie has more exposition than story
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  • ‘Infinite' Film Review: Mark Wahlberg Action-Thriller Overspends and Underwhelms

    3 days ago - By The Wrap

    If you've ever wished that video games could look more like real life - or that real life could look more like video games - Antoine Fuqua is here to fulfill your fantasies.
    Many of the actors in the Paramount+ release “Infinite” might as well be avatars; You can picture the green screens as you're watching the complicated set pieces, and there is no emotional investment required or even requested. But it delivers what it promises, in the form of expensive spectacle.
    Chris Evans dropped out of this project in 2019 - he cited scheduling issues, which feels like a polite excuse - but the...
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