• ‘Monster Hunter' Teaser Gives First Look at the Monster Milla Jovovich Will Hunt

    20 days ago - By The Wrap

    Paul W. S. Anderson's “Monster Hunter” movie adaptation got a new 15-second teaser on Saturday, giving a glimpse at the monster Milla Jovovich & Co. will go up against when the film finally hits theaters.
    The clip, released for this weekend's Comic-Con Russia, features what Polygon has identified as the Black Diablos monster from the video game franchise on which the film is based. According to the site, the Black Diablos is a “pretty gnarly” monster known for its ability to bury itself “in sand and ambush her opponents with giant horns or a tail swipe.”
    Set for a December release by...
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  • Diablos Makes Its Grand Appearance In New Teaser For MONSTER HUNTER Video Game Adaptation

    20 days ago - By Comic Book Movie

    IGN has shared an exclusive teaser trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's upcoming sci-fi action blockbuster Monster Hunter. An adaptation of Capcom's video game franchise about slaying massive monsters, the teaser gives us our first look at Diablos, one of the game's signature enemies.
    Although the trailer cuts away right as Lt. Artemis and her unit begin to open fire on Diablos, we already know their weapons will be no match for the monster. Luckily for Artemis and her squad, they'll receive the help of a mysterious man known as The Hunter. Presumably, he will supply them with more effective...
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  • First Monster Hunter Footage Arrives, Milla Jovovich Will Storm Theaters This Christmas

    First Monster Hunter Footage Arrives, Milla Jovovich Will Storm Theaters This Christmas

    20 days ago - By Movie Web

    The first official footage from Paul W.S. Anderson's long-awaited Monster Hunter movie has finally been unveiled.
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  • Brief Monster Hunter Teaser Shows Milla Jovovich in Action

    21 days ago - By Super Hero Hype

    Jovovich has plenty of experience fighting monsters under the supervision of director Paul W.S. Anderson
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