• ‘Gossip Girl' Trailer: Kristen Bell's Voice is Back to Bully Some Rich Gen-Z Kids in HBO Max Sequel Series

    2 days ago - By Slash Film

    You know you love her. And you know you love her even more when Gossip Girl has turned her sights on the rich Gen-Z influencers of Manhattan, emerging after a nine-year silence to bully some more wealthy teens. HBO Max's Gossip Girl sequel series introduces a new generation of sexy 20-somethings playing elite Manhattan high schoolers, who take a new girl under their wing, only to find themselves all targeted by an Instagram account calling itself Gossip Girl. Watch the Gossip Girl trailer below.
    Gossip Girl Trailer
    It's been nine years, and you'd think that Dan Humphrey would've gotten...
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  • HBO Max's ‘Gossip Girl' Revival Debuts First Trailer

    HBO Max's ‘Gossip Girl' Revival Debuts First Trailer

    2 days ago - By Decider

    Get your first look at the new Queen B and Lonely Boy of Constance Billard.
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