• Go BTS of David Gordon Green's Box Office Smash 'Halloween'

    5 monthes ago - By No Film School

    You were freaked out by 'Halloween' this weekend. Now see how it was made.
    A direct sequel to the original 1978 film of the same name, David Gordon Green's Halloween wears its slasher fandom on its sleeve, and, if you grooved to the John Carpenter horror classic, that's a good thing. After all, if we're going to ignore the various sequels that flooded theaters through the 1980s, 90s, and 00s, might as well skew pretty close in tone and style to the original source material.
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  • What To Expect From The Halloween 2018 Sequel

    What To Expect From The Halloween 2018 Sequel

    5 monthes ago - By Screen Rant

    Director David Gordon Green's Halloween is a major success, scoring a massive $77.5 million opening weekend at the box office, so Halloween 2 already seems inevitable. The latest reboot of the franchise does away with the messy continuity of the many sequels to John Carpenter's original, establishing yet another new timeline where Michael Myers has been incarcerated ever since his 1978 rampage. 40 years later, he breaks out while being transported from one facility to another, and faces off against three generations of Strode women: Laurie Strode , her daughter Karen , and Karen's daughter...
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  • ‘Halloween' Posts Biggest Opening Weekend for a Film With a 55+ Woman as Lead

    ‘Halloween' Posts Biggest Opening Weekend for a Film With a 55+ Woman as Lead

    5 monthes ago - By The Wrap

    Jamie Lee Curtis has broken new ground for women at the box office thanks to the role that first made her famous: Laurie Strode, the protagonist of “Halloween” and one of horror's most famous heroines.
    This weekend, David Gordon Green's sequel to the 1978 slasher earned an opening of $77.5 million , making it the largest box office opening for a film with a woman over the age of 55 in the lead role.
    “Jamie Lee Curtis is an absolute force of nature in this film,” said Universal Domestic Distribution President Jim Orr. “We knew that we had something special with this actress and this role in...
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